Out of Sight

Photo by  Pepe Reyes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Pepe Reyes on Unsplash

With almost nothing left she stood and looked, she stood at the edge of the lake gazing out, she could hear the wind meet the water and see that it had made a ripple. With everything she had, she jumped.  She landed on a smooth rock just under the water, out of sight, from where she stood she couldn't have seen it. She looked down at the rock, surprised, then gazed out at the water in front of her. She had just a little bit more then, she had hope.  

She stayed there for a while to rest, and then she used all the hope she had and jumped as far as she could.  Another smooth and stable rock was there for her to land on, just under the water. She rested again, and realised, that the rocks had taught her, now, she had faith.  

The next time she jumped she felt renewed, she knew that the rock would be there, even though she couldn’t see it. When she landed, she turned around and saw how far she had come, it looked much easier from her rock of trust, she felt strong.  She was so happy and grateful for the beautiful lake, now, she could see beyond the water to the warm sun soaked grass and trees, she could hear the birds and even see the fruit hanging in the sunshine, ready to be picked.

She felt like jumping again, so she did, she didn’t land this time though, she flew, and when she reached her wildest dreams, she stopped to rest again, and then she kept flying.