How do we learn to live a meaningful and fulfilling life?  When we choose to empower ourselves and others, we are transcending a blame mentality and beginning to take responsibility for ourselves, and our life.  I can remember blaming, feeling powerless and stuck. I didn't have perspective, self belief, personal power or internal freedom. 

I did have, a newborn baby which I believed in.  So I learnt how to let go of some emotional baggage, find some headspace and begin to move towards balance.

I  began to take responsibility for myself and my world.  This has taught me how to trust myself and others, experience joy without trepidation and lead myself on a path I know I want.  I regularly experience happiness, peace and bliss, even without drugs or consistent meditation!

I want to share with you, the real methods I have used and still use, to feel different, better.  Often told through story or pondering,  these are the small changes I made at my own pace, that have made massive changes inside me, and outside me.  As my beliefs changed, the way I saw my world changed.   I no longer get stuck in stories, and can get on with the fun and magic of living this life.  

Our house

I live on 5 acres in the beautiful Noosa Hinterland, surrounded by bush, and a big sky above.  A nearby lake (seen above) gives me much inspiration, as does the beach and ocean at the close by coast.  I live with my husband, Chris and son Flynn, who is now 2 years old.

We live in a small hand built house, designed and built by Chris and I (and some friends).  We used mostly recycled materials, sourced from a house which originally stood on the property. We (and some more friends) painstakingly dismantled, de nailed, sanded, loved and caressed each piece of timber before refixing it, into something of our own.  We have worked with our environment, considering given elements, sun, moon, breeze, and outlook to create our home.

And, as it happens, we can lay in our bed and gaze at the moon and stars.....I feel very lucky!