The Space


Normally, I avoided that space, you know the one, the space created when you are vulnerable,  maybe a little bit scared, to share yourself, the real you.  To me this space is beautiful, sacred.  Not the kind of sacred space that has candles and organised ritual.  This space calls for truth, compassion.  A space to speak from the heart, trusting the words’ need for expression, sign enough that they must be voiced.

This act of sharing a space together changes your path, now, you know, that you are committed to expressing your truth, and so do they.  In the space, outcomes are not considered, you feel your way.  Even time does not exist. 

To speak in this space, with compassion and honesty, is powerful and healing.  All of it, is always happening now.  Not in the past, filled with how it has always been, and not in the future, needing things or people to be a certain way, in order to be resolved. 

This truth demands attention, expressing it may feel like unchartered territory, and must If you want something to change.  It will feel like you don't know how the story will end.  You are going beyond your limit of knowing, to create something new, something different.

I was avoiding this space, terrified of my words being heard and disregarded.  I fought with myself, fear of the unknown was better than more of the same. It was time for me to join him there, without hiding, or argument, or control, only truth, and compassion.

Stepping into that sacred space of now, with just enough trust and faith, showed me, a new now.  If I am to speak my truth with compassion, and we decide to move off our current path, so be it.  For, I am my truth, if I do not honour myself, I can not ask anyone else to.